Play-Boy ?

Note: This letter is dedicated to all those boys from a feminist, who thinks that girls are a material to use and an object of sex. You use them, throw them away and you audaciously call yourself a Playboy, A Casanova. Well, I can give you the meaning of your title. Don’t be proud. Just read.

Dear Playboy,
                        Where to start from? Well the greatest online encyclopedia says that you are a wealthy man with ample time for leisure, who appreciates the pleasure of women. Excuse me? Pleasure of women? What kind of pleasure do you get from us? You are not less than a womanizer! Oh Sorry, You are a Womanizer.  You brag about the girls you’ve touched in front of your friends and does that makes you cool? Do you become a bond? You are sadly mistaken, just being a boy doesn’t give you any right to talk nuisance about a girl. If she was in your life for a period of time and you both were physically attached that means she trusted you, she loved you, she let you touch because she had faith that you won’t betray her. But you proved her wrong, every kiss, every hug done out of love was just a physical pleasure for you and then you call her a Slut? What should I call you then? A Rapist? You crave for sex every time. Why? Because you watch excessive porn dear boy. You can’t stand a girl standing next to you. You want to touch her in any way. Be it in a bus, a metro, roadside or even on the street. You are desperate to take your relation to the next level always. Your tester one level is always high because all you do the whole day is talk about how deep was her cleavage, and how skinny were her legs. Isn’t it? Talking about love… Your so-called affairs last only a month, let’s suffice it to say two months and then, you get bored of her? You figure out after leaving her, Was that Love? Or May be! You always have lame reasons to run away from your obligations. You shirk your duties when she wants more space in your life? The reason is (YOU WERE NEVER SERIOUS).  

I am so sorry for saying such harsh words about you. But people like you are the reason. We suffer silent rapes. You break us emotionally, physically. You leave us heartbroken.  Do you even know the meaning of True-Unconditional Love that we do to you? Do you feel special with us like the way you make us feel by fake means?  You feel Females are an inferior Sex? Is that Right? Playing with somebody’s emotions gives you peace?

I’ll give you a solution: D
When a girl loves you she loves you from all her heart, not knowing that you’ll reciprocate or not… You think that we are weak. But again, you lose here, because without a woman by your side you are weak too. You bring a child in this world because of her. She gives you birth, she caresses you. I hope you change after reading this letter of mine. 
And not to forget, the next time you go and propose her, just love her irrespective of her sexy curves and her deep cleavage.

Yours UN-Lovingly
 The one you broke
I RISE.                       


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