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Statutory Warning: If you’re looking for motivation in the below lines, switch to another website.
This is a story from a 20 year old girl’s diary (That’s not me) whom any other girl should never come across and let’s pretends that her boyfriend is Mr. “X”, umm… The constant variable?

8th April 2014
“I love you X and it’s not because you make me happy, not because you make me feel special, nor because you’re the sweetest person ever… but because I just LOVE YOU X”

8th January 2015
“Dear Lord,
“So often I let someone control me and I know it’s not healthy for me… Please God, I need you to lead me strong and face my demons. I need to tell them that they can’t control me anymore… I want my life back…I want to be healthy and whole again… I want to be able to stand strong with you God…by my side, guiding my way… I know your love can see me through the darkest valleys and back over any mountain blocking my way”.

Like every other relationship, her relationship too, was on the rocks but when life gives you lemons you do not squeeze it up and drink lemonade. She was all ambitious, strong on her own path, nothing could shake her but nine months down the line, her relationship turned her weaker in the knees.

I keep on calling him, and the screen flashes “Call-Waiting”. I meet him in about two weeks and he pretends disinterested. He loves me? He loves me not? These aren’t the questions; only she asks to herself. Such interrogatives arose every other day in a girl’s mind that has been in a relationship for a long time. This isn’t just an excerpt from the love-struck’s diary but from every other love-struck girl who is in madly in love with an “X”. I don’t understand the fact that running after someone who treats you like an option is worth running? Why don’t women realize their own worth and end up obsessed talking about HIM!

I am a hardcore- feminist no doubt, but being in a committed relationship doesn’t asks you to forget all your worth and fall down in a pit of deep depression. Ask every other girl; she’ll always have that one unsuccessful relationship where she was at fault. It happens! We cannot deny the fact either. Turning the flip side, it has a solution too. And in this case my female readers I’ve one for all of you…

If you want to have a successful relationship with a dating potential, don’t commit to him, at least at the beginning. Don’t tell him that you’re falling for him or that you miss him. When he realizes that he’s made a deep impression on you, he’ll start taking it easy and call the shots instead of trying to woo you. If a guy genuinely likes you and isn’t trying to get into your pants, he definitely wouldn’t be thinking of turning the tables of the chase just when he’s about to get the girl. When you ignore a guy or treat him badly, it isn’t called a chase. It’s a stupid ploy that never works. Respect the man who pursues you and be nice to him. Thank him and appreciate what he does for you. He’ll like you even more.

But it doesn’t work like that… I’ll love… I’ll be disappointed… I’ll love again…

She’ll call him again because she had forgotten what she is as an individual! You have talked 2 or 3 times to the person you love to see if they love you back the same. They don’t. Then what to do with them? Nothing. Just let go. Even if you madly, desperately love them, don’t try to make them. Keep the mad love in your own heart. Don’t drown the other person with your feelings. Don’t try too hard. It’s stupid to think that a person who loves and another person who doesn’t return that love can share the hurts caused by this same unreturned love and can heal together. You may genuinely care for each other. You might even have been good friends in the past. But as things stands now with one person wanting something more than the other person is willing to share or give, there is no way for peace and healing to be experienced together. You can certainly heal, but on your own. Or with some other caring friend or lover, talking of a caring friend, she came across one today while meeting him today after ages. In the middle of our conversation, she realized how much she missed what she used to be? This was definitely not what she was pretending to be. Walking home, it dawned on her to get a strong grip on herself, and concentrate on living a steady on strong life. It’s okay if she had to break out and cry but in the end what matters the most is her inner happiness. She couldn’t help but wonder that she was her own best friend. She knows herself better than anyone else does or ever will, so don’t give a shit at all! People are going to judge you no matter what and some maybe judging you right now. But the only thing that really matters is your opinion. There is only one you in this world so be all the things that make you unique. Want to wear rainbow shorts today? DO IT. Life is short; you never know what really comes your way so live for yourself first before others… If having true and lasting love is important, take the journey to find your full worth. This is the only way to get to your desired destination. Love yourself first and then shower your love on your soul mate and never let others intrude your relationship just because of the simple fact that you aren’t strong enough to handle one.
Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and move on with the beautiful journey called Life!
Love will eventually fall into place.

And guys,
be the reason she smiles every morning and not the reason she cries ever night…

Moral Of The Story :

Get up rascal, rise and shine
Shake your booty to the rhythm divine.
Fuck the rules, books and your career.
What you get, Saumya and her arrears

PS: Dedicated to my well-wisher, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE 🙂


4 thoughts on “LOVE YOURSELF FIRST”

  1. Another issue of modern life. The crazy life makes you doubt yourself and question your worth. Believing in yourself and loving yourself before taking on the world does take you a long way. Well crafted message 🙂 Good job Saumya


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