A Daughter Needs A Dad <3


My husband woke me up at 12am and planted a deep kiss on my forehead. I was half asleep when he blindfolded me and took me to the terrace.
“What are you doing”? I shouted.
“Just wait and Watch” he said holding my hands. I opened my eyes, and there he was… with his wide open arms in a room full of balloons and candles. He made me sit on a rolling chair and rotated it 360 degrees. I was flabbergasted by something I never imagined that my husband will do it for me.
He made a scrapbook of all my memories with my father and after each snapshot there were sayings which were by my father.
I was stunned and all that could come out of my mouth was “How did you do this”? How do you know all this? Papa was not even alive when we got married? How did you…?

He put his hand on my mouth and said “Happy Birthday to Papa”
I had tears in my eyes. I held his hand and said this is something which I’ll always remember Love:* I love you so much.
To which he replied “How can a daughter be sad on her dad’s birthday”?

A Daughter Needs A Dad.

After reading the whole scrapbook and cutting the cake both of us went to sleep. But something there was in my mind which didn’t let me sleep. My brain was battling with the thoughts of my dad and my life before marriage. I was blessed to have such a loving husband and looking at him in his sleep I just thought that he is the best decision of my life. He looked so cute in sleep. I kissed him on his eyes and went to the terrace with the scrap book. Reading the scrap book I realized how much life has changed in all these years. I am married today, I have everything. A loving husband, A house, I have the amount of money which I never thought of having. I have all the happiness in the world. But just being a wife makes me a complete woman? I am a daughter. A daughter of a mother. And PAPA …….


My father was a man who had smiles to brighten everybody’s day, always cheered me up with his warm words of praise. He was someone who always told me great stories to bed. He wasn’t an ordinary man. He was MY FATHER.

“His death may be indeed final but the love we shared was completely eternal”

Yes, death does ends a life but not a relation. Looking at my favorite picture with him I recalled one of the best moment I shared with him.
I was in class 7th and he was dropping me to the school on a cold winter morning. It was so foggy that one could not see even a lamppost 20 meters away. Our scooter collided with a truck driver and fortunately dad didn’t get hurt but my legs started bleeding badly. I fell off the scooter on the footpath and could not gather the courage to get up. Dad ran towards me and took me to the hospital. After the doctor treated my wounds Papa came up to me and said “Sorry Beta”

“It’s alright Dad” I said in a low tone.
He sat beside me and asked “Tell me, what do you want”? I’ll give you. It’s my punishment. My daughter’s blood is very precious. How should I ask for forgiveness?

To which I replied” Papa” “Buy a car” so that the next time I don’t fall on footpath…
He laughed so hard and took me home after that.

The next day when I woke up and went to the balcony I saw a brand new Santro outside or main door.
I ran downstairs and asked dad “Whose car is it”

To which he replied “Yours” I had tears in my eyes.


I turned to the next page of the scrapbook and read “Never ever lie to me beta and whenever you feel low in your life just think of me” I am always there around you. Even if physically I may not be present but my teachings will always guide you in life” Reading this my eyes was filled up with tears and his photographs became wet. His death didn’t scare me but life without him did.

A father is so important in a daughter’s life, nobody can replace his position, nobody can fill his vividness, and nobody can become another father.
His demise left our family devastated but my mother put up a brave front and made our family so strong that we gathered the courage to fight against the whole world. We pledged to fulfill his incomplete dreams. After he went away we never cried in front of each other. Even on our birthdays whenever his memories reminded us of something we cried in the washrooms but never expressed that we are sad to each other. Consoled each other saying “Be Strong” He is our God.

Looking up at the stars I asked him a question “Why did you leave us alone”? You had plans to dance on my wedding, to play with my kids, to travel the world around with your grandchildren.
Why DAD?

His body has decayed but his soul will linger on forever. I have fulfilled his dream. My mother and my brother are happy and my sister has two kids. They’ve started calling me Maasi and I love both of them a lot. And Papa.
I know he is somewhere above watching us and smiling.

I closed the scrapbook and wiped my tears.
I looked up at the moon again and blew a flying kiss whispering “You’ll always be my first love” I was there when you holded my hand even on the ventilator. I could do nothing, I could not give you blood. Your blood was precious too. But Papa

I love you….

“He loves you too”
My husband grabbed my waist and corrected himself “He loves us too” Wish him a Happy Birthday.
We smiled and bid him goodbye.



18 thoughts on “A Daughter Needs A Dad <3

  1. Shubham Thakur says:

    Its awesome saumya… he is lucky to have a daughter like you…. and as you mentioned in your blog… he is somewhere above watching you and is feeling proud for having such a wonderful daughter. His soul will linger on forever and i know one day will come when u will fulfil all his dreams…. all i can say now is he is always with you and his sweet memories will give you strength to face all the problems .


  2. Aru Prakash says:

    ‘Death does end a life but not a relation. Looking at my favorite picture with him I recalled one of the best moment I shared with him.’
    This segment really drew tears to my eyes…..
    may this dream come true swthrt :*
    and you’re never alone 🙂
    Love you


  3. Tanya Sharma says:

    Simply amazing saumya!!!!
    Totally in lov wid ur writing,,,no doubt u r a strong grl…nd m soo proud of u!!!!
    God bless u swty♡♡


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