Book Review : Lucifer’s Lungi.

Front Cover

Front Cover

For me the best gift would be a book forever and always and that is what the Publisher at Fablery did with me. Nethra Anjanappa gifted me ‘Lucifer’s Lungi’ on her visit to Delhi and I read it in one sitting. Nitin Sawant’s articulation of speech is grasping and makes the novella a distinguished literary work.  . I like how the author has written the story as his personal adventurous trip. The Novella is a good company if you need something to read while travelling. The story is funny to make the readers laugh and holds an excitement level too which makes one keep turning the pages.  The book will do very well if popularized more. The grammar and the spacing between the words have been edited correctly. Do grab a copy of Lucifer’s Lungi this summer. My personal recommendation! 


Sharing my favorite lines from Lucifer’s Lungi ! 

“Never felt so miserably helpless in my entire life. What am I in front of Palayar’s might? How did I get this audacity to challenge His authority? Do I even matter in His grand scheme of things? Turns out that all the knowledge of the universe that I’d accumulated so far counts for nothing, since I lacked the humility to accept His divine will….”


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