Book Review : The Twisted Twenties!!! By Deepali Junjappa

Cover: Attractive. Reveals the story inside.
Pages: 186
Language: English, easy to understand
Price: Rs 175
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Quality of the book: Excellent
Fonts: Medium sized, Readable
Characters: One main character, Rest supporting.
Narration: First person
Flow: Mostly Smooth, but has turning points

About the Author :

Deepali Junjappa completed her Masters in Creative Writing from Australia. After completing her graduation she worked as a content writer for 2ser radio in Australia and then as a reporter in Indian Express. Her year shuffles between writing sessions, book readings, stand up comedy and annual pilgrimages to New York City.

The book jacket reads: It’s okay to be confused in your twenties. It’s okay to NOT know. Are we screwed? The hell we are. Mimi Hittalmani navigates the twisted twenties and finally concludes that it’s ok to goof up, jump courses, change careers, chat up four guys and bloody get wasted in life.


According to me, If you are in your twenties or about to enter this fresh new phase of life then the Twisted Twenties is your guide. Deepali Junjappa AKA Dipu Darku has marvelously penned down the events which one is bound to face in that age. The Twenties are your rehearsals and the thirty’s are for paying the bills. What kept me glued to the book is the wonderful writing style of Dipu Darku.

· Narration- It flits between the three men and the life of Mimi. The apt use of words helps the reader draw a proper imagination of the emotions and the plot.

· Title-The Twisted Twenties.

The title is fully compatible with the story and plot. When you read it you will realize how to sail the boat of life in your twenties. Events, Happenings, mis – happenings, break ups, patch up, make outs, kisses and what not !!!

· Pricing- the book is priced Rs.175/-. The sum of Rs.175/- is bit more for a young adult genre. Understanding the price factor most of the e-commerce websites have reduced it to a maximum of rs.150/-.

· Flow- The story forwards at a good pace. The steamy flow keeps you glued with the story.

· Reader’s Expectation- Going with the title a reader will expect a lot of advises for his life. The book serves the purpose and ends on a good note.

· Characters- Characters in the book are vivid. The book gains extra points with the detail description of the characters.

· Sale ability- The book is really selling well. Needs to be just popularized more through social networks.

· Ratings- I rate the book 4 on 5…

The story is well-narrated and the language is good and I would seriously like to mention that I have met the author in-person and she is a sweet heart. May she keep on writing more and more of such fantastic novels. I really loved some scenes from the novel when Mimi was surrounded by a Gay boss at the gym and the way she got the realistic approach towards her life after returning from Australia and getting over from her EX- Garrick D. This is a must-read novel by every teen girl, adult girl, married girl or any XYZ girl. I wish Deepali all the best for her life and one piece of advice she gives to the amateur ones is get your editing get done by 4 to 5 people and stick to the sarcasm. She is a down to earth soul who told me that she is still learning more about the publishing industry and is now working on her second book which is a dark thriller. Can’t wait to read it too.. Stay tuned for more of her updates 🙂

PS: Sorry Dipu for the delay 🙂



2 thoughts on “Book Review : The Twisted Twenties!!! By Deepali Junjappa

  1. Shubham Thakur says:

    After reading d review , i desperately want to read these novels.. hope u will gift them to me or i will purchase it cz it is worth for it


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