Book Review : Female Planet Jivya Arora

Title: Female Planet : Celebrating Feminism
Author: Jivya Arora
Publisher: Omji Publishing House 
Language: English
No. of pages: 88
Year of Publication: 2014
Genre : Poetry 

Female Planet – Celebrating Feminism (English) (Paperback) Price: Rs. 110
Why a girl blushes?
Woman of fortitude.
Management of women.
Why I was born as a girl?
Preparing to be a girl.
I am a fist.
I am the best.
I am a female because I am.
Functional and Equal to Male.

For the first time ever here comes a book – Female Planet, Celebrating Feminism. It will take you to a new world of feminism where there is pleasure and rapture in exuberance. Here many unfathomable topics have been discussed and along with it a new surge of confidence could be felt by the readers that a woman is the sole nurturer of this world, family, organization or any social group.

She is the thumb of a hand, without whom a family, company or any organization cannot work like a fist.

This book raises questions and also answers to all the women, girls who feel that they are marginalized that you are born as a girl because you are special and can bring surges of change.

Taking birth of a female soul in this world showcases that she is potent enough to bring a dynamic and impressive change in the personality of people around, be as a daughter, wife or the head of any organization.

My views:

I received the book for review from the author who is a friend of a good friend of mine, hence naturally my expectation levels increased.Indeed the language is perfect, poems neatly woven, proof-reading is good, there are a couple of typos though. When I started reading, the first few poems could not hold my attention much that obviously does not mean it is not well-written.There are some social menaces which the maiden writer has beautifully woven. Other than this one thing – The poems are interesting.Like any other Indian author I have read so far, even this author uses a few Hindi phrases in the book, however, they do not seem to be out of place. I guess, that is how it is supposed to be – the Indian touch.

The chemistry, the under-current, the self-restraint, the emotions – everything is so very well described by the author.

Overall, it was an easy and interesting read.


Cover – Good
Title – Protagonist Specific
Pricing – seems appropriate
Quality – book
Fonts – good for reading at nights
Characters – well-defined
Narration – well-narrated
Language – good Flow – good
Description – the description / blurb is good but could have been written better.
Story-line – Simple, mushy love story
Reader’s Expectations – I would say the readers should read without any expectations
Overall rating of the book – 7/10

Buy The Book from here :


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