Night after Night

Night after Night
A memory moves to the grave.

Night after Night
I think of that first “hello”

Night after Night
I torment that “Goodbye” 

Night after Night
I wait for your sign,
Night after Night
My dreams watch our love whine.

Night after Night
I recall that fight,
Night after Night
I watch you slowly go.

Night after Night
Pain burns from my walls.

Night after Night
I recall those cries and joys.

Night after Night

Night after Night
You sleep with a smile, 
Night after Night
I sleep with a sigh.

Poetry, Women Empowerment

Daughter of a drunkard monk- A novel by Saumya Vivek Kaushik

Roaring Tiger 1857


Book Review: “Daughter of a Drunkard Monk”

Author: Saumya Kaushik
 Omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. (1 February 2015)

ISBN-10: 9384028134

ISBN-13: 978-9384028138

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 4/5


The Indian literary scene is bursting at the seams with new authors, new plots (almost, and sometimes contrived), new ambitions and new hopes (for some of us at least). And amidst all of this, as a reader, I am often perplexed and overwhelmed. I don’t know what to read some times. It is not about choice. It is about the quality of writing. It is about the writing that is intellectually laced and about the kind of writing that aims to reach out to everyone. In all of this, there is the kind of book that is mid-way – somewhere there but not appeasing to the masses (or not aiming to at least) and yet it does. “Daughter of a Drunkard…

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A Day Without You

Call myself to you
I am barren and brown,
without your water

I want to seek,
Your light
Your wisdom
Your joys
Your pains

Our Love
Our Agony
Our Wisdom

Call Me, Call Me Love…

Call myself to you,
I am barren from betrayals
I am done with the world
I long for your hand

I shed every tear
And continue to stand…

Call myself to you
I shall never grow
I shall never reap
I shall never see

Call myself to you
You were my light
You were my night
And, I can never be
A Day without You

Saumya Kaushik

Guest Post, Poetry

Guest Post – बचपन

आज जाने क्यों अचानक ही स्मरण हो आई

ये पंक्ति कि वे दिन भी क्या दिन थे ,

जब खाते थे टॉफी – चॉकलेट गिन-गिन के ,

हँसते-खेलते-कूदते-फाँदते ,

            कुछ यूँ ही बीतता था हर लम्हा , हर पल

            जब न थी कोई चिंता , न कोई परेशानी

            कि हाय , अब क्या करूँ म क्या होगा कल

हर पल था किसी न किसी का साथ

कभी शिक्षिका , शिक्षक , परिवार का साथ

हर कदम पर चलते थे हम थामे हाथों में हाथ

            आज भी जब उन दिनों को करती हूँ याद

            याद आ जाती है हर एक खट्टी-मीठी शरारत

            हर एक छोटी-सी बात

करती हूँ ईश्वर से यही दुआ

यही शिकायत कि ऐसा क्यों हुआ

हम क्यों हुए बड़े और आए एक ऐसे समाज में

जहाँ रूढ़ियाँ , संप्रदाय , धर्म और नियम भी हैं कड़े

            चाहती हूँ उन बचपन के दिनों में रखना कदम

            जहाँ थी ख़ुशी,उमंग, उत्साह,हास्य ही हर दम

BY:- Akansha Jain 


If Only…

If Only, I could control my mind,

I would be much sane.

If only I could tell that girl,

Her efforts are not vain.

If only, I could sleep a night sound,

I would be much sane.


If only, I could tell that demon,

To not leave me in disdain.

If only, I could tell that mother,

I would be much sane.

If only, I could control my mind,

I would be much sane.

If only, she knew her seeds,

Are now fountains.

If only, I could share that pain,

I would be much sane.

If only I could control my mind,

I would be much sane.

If only, the beggar knew,

Lies no magic in his mountains.

If only, I could control my mind,

There would be no pain.

If only, the girl, the mother, the picker

were not fighting from pain.

If only, they knew they would be much sane.

If Only…

Women Empowerment

An Open Letter to Nirbhaya…

Dear Nirbhaya,

It has been four years since you left us with a void, an inner question, and scream. A question that we ask amongst ourselves about that dreaded night of December 16th. A scream of angst against the baseless societal norms that still haven’t changed till date.

It has been four years and still hundreds like you plead to be saved and have their cases pending or are either dead. You were a voice, a voice to this blind and dumb nation that overlooked what it meant to be a girl.

You were an inspiration, a ray of hope, a fire inside every heart… You were a revolution. You taught us that we cannot take this victimization anymore.

It has been four years and we haven’t recovered of everything that happened past your demise. We haven’t forgotten you, brave heart. We haven’t forgotten your sacrifice and the question that you left with us.

Your untimely death was not a message but a fire that still ignites when we hear…


It was a case which could have happened to any normal Delhi girl.


It has been four years and you did teach us that this was not about you, it was a message that you left us “That I want to be there, amongst all of you. Live alike all of you.” It was you who set the bar and it was you who fought back when that accident happened. For us, a rape of a five-year-old, a sixty-year-old, and a passenger in an Uber are all harsh reminders of brutality that you faced.

It has been four years and you have done so much for us. Many of us may not realize this, but you my beloved was a voice for all of us.

Stalking, voyeurism, harassing came recognized as crimes against all of us. It is not an idea of fun of picking up a woman and rape her. It is not what a MAN does to prove his gender.

It has been four years but you educated all of us without books – no matter how horrendous the abuse be; we cannot afford to stay quiet. No matter if they call an abuse a stigma on us, we have to speak up.

We are not objects, we have a choice, and we have the freedom to choose.

It has been four years and still the calls to “100” ring every second.

It is the same Delhi, same people but you have opened our eyes to not hush up the matter and not flee away when a PCR passes by. Living in a metropolitan city and being afraid of men is just not weakening us, but weakening the whole foundation of the women society.

It has been four years and you have changed what it meant to be abused. You have raised a question on police, our government, our system and us.

It has been four years and a father, an ex-lover, a husband, a boyfriend, a neighbor, a stalker, a stranger, a landlord, an employer, a gym instructor in the form of criminals are spared.

Entrenched patriarchy and male chauvinism of a very high order are still the biggest sources of this heinous crime.

But, beloved Jyoti Singh Pandey it has been four years but this society now understands that “RAPE IS RAPE”.

It has been four years and we will be forever indebted to you.


One of us and one like you…

Mobile Applications

5 Ways A Startup Can Make Its App A Successful One



The recent change in the digital world, especially in India has seen the (dot) (com) culture weaving its own triumphant path.

But, the less time-consuming, go-to medium is undoubtedly a mobile application.

The major amount of time spent browsing, clicking and surfing on a smartphone is devoted to the apps installed.
The startup trend in India has experienced a sea of apps floating on the Google Play and App Store. Some suffice in performing their jobs while others get lost in the crowd.
However, the impact differentiation happens when a user doesn’t click – “uninstall”.
Here are 5 features that a business owner should adhere to while presenting its application to its potential customers.

1. Convenience is the key:

The primary feature of any mobile application is its convenience. A mobile application should be user-friendly and comprehensible. The simpler the app, the more stars it gains at the web application store. It should satisfy the needs and have an answer to why is it downloaded.

2. Operating Systems:

The two main OS that is essential for any application building and processing are: Android over Google Play Store and IOS for apple users. Both the infamous platforms are used over the globe. The application for any given business should be thoroughly checked and tested before the final execution.
3. Offline Functionality:

There are handfuls of apps that rely on a data connection but there ought to be a few options for the app to work offline.
On asking Saurabh Wadhawan, Product Head, Jugnoo on what leads a user to uninstall an application on his device, he said,

“Users uninstall an app when it becomes too intrusive and starts barging their privacy. They get annoyed when apps start reading their SMS, tracking user behaviour and giving unnecessary push notifications based on them. There is a thin line that demarcates system intelligence from an intrusive system, which needs to be kept in mind so that the users are not displeased. Also, an app is much likely to be uninstalled by a user if it fails to fulfil its primary use case”.

4. Marketing is the mantra: 

If an application is topping the charts on the web-store then an enthusiastic marketing team is to be credited behind its rank. Start-Ups and SME’s should ponder to the strategies that go into popularizing the application that brings the best customer feedback.
5. Get your customer glued: 

Any successful business will have a tremendous amount of target audience engaged to their application. The messaging program plays a key role in this phase. Customers do not drift to other reliable apps only because of engagement and that happens only when relevant messages land up on the devices without any hustle-bustle.

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Two Decades and Two years

Since past two years, I hadn’t celebrated my birthday with full zest and zeal as other people in my age do. This year, I tried to go for the like. I had been pretty much excited this year, because of the celebrations and the recent great additions to my life. I chose a birthday dress; not one but two for different parties and every morning till the day; I’d wake up to check the calendar dates. When the date arrived; I guess I had completely murdered my excitement because it so felt that it was- just another day in life unlike the calls at 12 am and timeline posts.
The people whom I had expected to greet me with a call or least a text message made it much simpler for me; to kill them in my head because of their hard efforts of posting- “Happy Bday”. I personally believe posting on the timelines doesn’t translate into a real wish, especially when Facebook is reminding you that “Oh! You have a person in your list too”.
I began my day with a friend who is new to his day job and I was slowly getting killed at breakfast because I hate blabbering about “office politics” and “corporate chicks”. But, then he obviously made my morning aka 12:30 pm by gifting me tonnes of chocolate. I then proceeded to “Café Hawkers” at C.P. which is a really cool place. They serve you starters and main course in mini hawk carts.



Obviously, because of the excitement, I called up a few more persons in the evening to eat more calories and tell them that they matter. And, my bubble got pricked when I realise that they’ve ditched me at the final moment and I had to wait for my mother to arrive for dinner. So, I picked up a book and started reading in the scorching heat until a beggar approached me crying about his pregnant wife in labour pain on the street. I managed to take her to the nearest hospital and in no time, she was admitted to the labour room.
I am actually happy that the excitement did work and I contributed a hand in bringing a life into this world on the same day as mine.

So! I left the hospital around eight, had dinner with my mother- she telling me stories about her birthdays in her twenties. And, I won’t think again, if I have to write. It was indeed a happy birthday!

Good Night!